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Name:Jacklyn Miller
Birthdate:Oct 21
Jacklyn Rose Miller also known as Jack

· Date of Birth: October 21, 1993
· Attributes: Hardworking with a slightly skewed view of the world, she believes it is possibly for everyone to get along and doesn't understand the animosity between different social groups. Exceptionally mischievous and playful, she has grown up thinking the world is and should be her playground thanks to her brother being able to teleport as well.
Likes: thunderstorms, soccer, tag (and tig), movies, sight seeing & traveling
Dislikes: strobing lights, spiders, public restrooms, intolerance, foot-in-mouth syndrome
· Family:
Mother: Josephine Corrine Miller (née Adkins)
Father: Colton Bernard Miller
Brothers: Allen Martin Miller (+2 years)
Sisters: Eliza Lynne Miller (-3 years)

· Power(s):
Energy Projection; able to project and manipulate energy, but emitted in a light absorbing, dark form compared to the usual bright colors of other Sensitives. most often projected as simple mentally-controlled solid objects possessing the density of steel, or as beams of concussive force; if rendered unconscious, any constructs will immediately dissipate. able to manipulate the energy to allow for levitation and/or flight for herself or others. the shadow form she assumes is actually the energy forming closely around her body, giving her a shadow appearance and allowing her to blend all but seamlessly into shadows around her. this form gives her a greater resistance to physical harm as it is quite literally a shield.

Teleportation; like other members of her family, Jack is capable of teleportation, sometimes over vast distances but it can be quickly taxing on her and lead to exhaustion. given the shadow nature of her energy projections, she, and her family, have come to the assumption that she does something they've dubbed "shadow walking" or being able to take on a shadow form and teleport solely through shadows. this false assumption has led to a blockade on her full potential. as it stands, she is capable of multiple rapid fire jumps, or half a dozen longer distance jumps. she can take up to two people with her, but this limits the energy she has to give to this power.

· History: Born October 21, 1991, she was the second child to Josephine and Colton. Or rather, Jo and Colt as they would rather be called. Jo and Colt both are Sensitives and both at one point had attended Rasterburg's Academy. Jo has as respectable control over telekinesis while Colt has energy manipulation. Allen was the first of their children to display abilities, teleportation in his case, and then later energy projection mixed with teleportation in her shadow walking for Jack. Recently, Eliza has developed her powers with energy projection and manipulation where she can create a false world if she wants.

When the entire family presents as Sensitives, it makes things a lot easier. Both Jo and Colt had experience training themselves but also training others on how to handle their newly blossoming powers, but also hone them to where they can be kept under control. Unlike other institutions that train their students in battle situations, the Millers trained their students how to be normal by societies standards. If that meant keeping them under wraps in school and then figuring out how they could work at home, that was good enough. Colt Miller started an outreach program in the suburbs of Alexandria, but also reaching into the District of Columbia. So close to the nation's capital. They would take on any child, teenager or adult and work with them to understand their abilities and the effects they would have on their lives. Colt Miller aimed to make the world aware that this was like any other hardship in the world, that it could be handled and it could become the smallest point of concern.

Jack grew up in this outreach program, training with her powers from the day they presented themselves her thirteenth year. She never saw herself as weird or different, she thought this was normal. She knew that if things were too bad, she could become one with the shadows and ride it out. Or just get away from the situation entirely.

When her constant game of tag with Allen started to get out of control or their little "traditions" started to border on illegal, they decided that sending her to the Valerius Institute was the smart plan. It would give her some time away from home and a chance to focus on improving her skills as well as give her a chance at a solid education. Unfortunately for them, it is all but impossible to make a teleporter stay where they don't want to.

· Relationship(s): No current relationships, but forms strong bonds among her peers. Extremely close with her family members.

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